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In April 2007, White Oaks Secondary School was approved for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. Programme start date was September 2007.

  • The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

The Diploma Programme is a comprehensive two year programme that takes place in the last 2 years of high school (Grades 11 & 12). To be eligible for an IB Diploma, candidates are to take a subject from each of the six groups of the Diploma Programme, as well as complete three requirements of the hexagonal core – the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, and Creativity, Action and Service. For more information about the programme, please visit

  • The Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP)

The Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) is a two-year programme designed to meet the challenges of the IBDP. The overarching purposes of the ALP are: 1. to prepare students for the academic rigour of the DP 2. to help students hone their inter-personal skills required for success in the DP. As such, students enrolled in the ALP will receive a time-table which will prepare them for the demands, both academically and personally, of the DP. It will also allow for successful timetabling of DP courses which will also meet graduation requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.


Who might be interested in the ALP and the IBDP?

Successful ALP students:

  • are naturally curious
  • demonstrate integrity, honesty, fairness
  • enjoy learning
  • are caring, empathetic, and compassionate
  • think critically and creatively
  • are open-minded, well-balanced and reflective individuals
  • express ideas and information confidently
  • demonstrate consistent and perseverant work habits
  • explore second languages
  • take risks

? IB Learner Profile


What are the advantages of graduating with an IB Diploma?

IB World Schools must undergo a rigorous authorization process in order to offer an IB programme. Its curriculum is recognized all over the world and IB standards and focus is universal across all IB World schools. As a result, an IB Diploma graduate often receives a higher level of university acceptance, not to mention greater scholarship potential. An IB Diploma holder may also receive credit for courses in first-year university. Please consult each university regarding its specific IB admissions policies and advanced credit award policies. More information on university recognition of the IB Diploma Programme, click here.

? Canadian University Recognition

Canadian Universities and IB.pdf

What is the application process for the ALP?

The ALP requires an interested student to:

1. Complete the standard WOSS option sheet, selecting previously identified courses for Gr. 9 and 10

2. Complete an ALP application package, available under the Applications part of this section

**Note that acceptance into the ALP does not guarantee acceptance into the DP. Student performance will be monitored throughout enrolment ALP, and recommendations into the DP will be made at the end of the ALP.

Does my student qualify for busing to White Oaks?

Please be advised that only students who are within the boundaries of White Oaks Secondary School, and who meet the board requirements for busing, will be given board- sponsored transportation. All other students will need to arrange their own transportation to and from White Oaks. We do not get involved with second-party transportation issues.

Therefore, if you reside outside the transportation boundaries, you can still be accepted into the ALP or IB program here, but you will need to provide your own transportation.

Is there an application process for the IBDP?

During their ALP years, students will be monitored on their academic skills, participation in the school community, and their learning skills. At the end of the ALP, if successful, students will then be recommended to proceed enrolment in the DP.

If you are currently in Grade 9, you may still apply to be in the ALP for your Grade 10 year. Complete an ALP application package, available under the Applications tab in this section.

Can I take only some subjects in the Diploma Programme?

We encourage all students to take the full Diploma Programme since it allows students to develop skills in all areas instead of focusing on just one or a few. It also allows students to appreciate the concurrency of learning by making connections between IB courses.


These are the forms you will need in order to apply for the various IB programs at White Oaks. You can download them directly from our Google Drive location. Just click on the link below and go into the "Applications" folder to access the forms required for the ALP and IB Diploma Programs.

? IB Applications on Google Drive - This is an open folder - no request for access necessary

Missed an Open House presentation? Find them here.

? IB Presentations on Google Drive - This is an open folder - no request for access necessary


For more information on the IB program, contact:

Erin Davidson - IB Coordinator

  • 905-845-5200 ext. 234