Business Certificate

Recognition For Students

In the past, students who earned eight or more credits in Business Studies received an endorsement on the bottom of their official Ministry Transcript indicating “a concentration in Business Studies”. Within Halton, these students were also given a “Business Education Certificate” which they could use to inform prospective employers of their focus of studies in business courses giving them an edge when seeking employment.

Business teachers within Halton have agreed to continue to offer ?the “Business Education Certificate” (with a reduction in the number of credits required). This is consistent with the practice in other Boards across the province.

Number of Credits Required

Presently, students are being encouraged to complete their high school diploma in four years. So if the students took one business course in each of Grade 9 and Grade 10, and then an average of two courses in each of Grade 11 and 12, they would have time to earn six credits in Business. Hence, it was agreed that students would earn a business certificate by completing six or more credits ?in Business Studies.

Eligible Credits

The Grade 9 and 10 courses include Introduction to Information Technology in Business (BTT)* and Introduction to Business (BBI). The Grade 11 and 12 courses include any Business Studies courses from Accounting, Entrepreneurial Studies, Information Technology, International Business, Marketing, and Organizational Studies. Courses in Law, Economics, Business Math, Business English and business related Co-op, can also be used as part of the six courses. As well, two-credit co-op courses may count as two credits toward the certificate. The Computer Science courses are not? ?to be used to count towards the Business Studies.

“Young people need to understand how business functions, its role in our society, the opportunities it generates, the skills it requires, and the potential impact it can have on their lives and society, today and in the future.” from “The Ontario Curriculum” document

Application for Certificate

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